Returning to Technology on Campus FAQs



Answers to common questions about the University’s technology resources and support are below. This page will be updated and expanded as needed.

Where to Ask for Technical Support

IT Customer Care: For all tech support questions from the Fordham community
Faculty Technology Services: For questions specific to teaching and research applications
Media Services: For questions specific to classroom technology
Blackboard Help: Answers all questions related to Blackboard
Law School Help Desk: Supports the Law School community
Gabelli IT: Supports the Gabelli School of Business community

General Questions about Returning to the Technology on Campus
Where can I find information about Fordham University’s technology services and resources?

The Fordham IT website,, has information about all the technology available to the Fordham community. If you’re looking for something specific such as Blackboard or video conferencing, we recommend you search for it on the site.

Which campus WiFi should I use?

Members of the Fordham community should connect to the “Fordham” wireless network. About Fordham WiFi.

My computer won’t connect to the WiFi in my office (or residence hall), but it works elsewhere on campus.

Contact IT Customer Care whenever you encounter a problem with WiFi service anywhere on campus. A tech will be sent to survey the area and determine whether additional access points are needed.

My office phone is not working.

If your office phone is not working, contact ITCC.

Equipment Loans and Accessories
Do I have to return the laptop that the University loaned to me?

Employees may keep their loaned PC or Mac, whether it was shipped to their home or they picked it up on campus. It will become your primary machine as part of the Laptop First program. Someone from Fordham IT will contact you soon to make an appointment to set up your machine for primary use.

If I keep my loaned laptop as my primary machine, can I also keep my office desktop?

Once your laptop is converted to your primary machine, the desktop will be removed from your office. Contact IT Customer Care to see if an exception can be made.

How do I purchase a docking station, wireless keyboard/mouse, monitor, and other peripherals for my campus office?

Order peripherals through the Tech Help page at Your department is responsible for the cost. A request for approval from your department will be automatically generated after you place the order.

Antivirus and Security
What happened to my antivirus software?

Bitdefender was retired earlier this year and replaced with CrowdStrike Falcon for University-owned computers only.  If you need to uninstall Bitdefender and replace it with CrowdStrike, please contact IT Customer Care so a technician can walk you through the brief installation process. Fordham no longer provides antivirus protection for personal devices.

How can I tell if CrowdStrike is installed on my computer?  

On a Windows PC, check your “Apps and Features” page where it will be listed as “CrowdStrike Windows Sensor.” On a Mac, check your applications or library folder. The application icon is a red bird.

I’m not sure if CrowdStrike has been installed on my computer. What should I do?
Contact IT Customer Care and help desk technician can confirm whether you have the application. They will walk you through a brief installation process if it is not yet installed.
My laptop doesn’t recognize the printer.

If you do not have a print queue setup on your computer or laptop, you can print by emailing your document to from your Fordham email address.

Log into a Canon multifunction device (also called Canon MFD) anywhere on campus and request your print job.
For more information, go to the Faculty and Admin Printing page.
My office desktop no longer connects to the printer. What should I do?

Our print queues were updated over the last year, so your machine may need to be remapped to your local network printer. Call IT Customer Care to schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to assist you.

How do I check whether my computer can still send a print job?

If your computer is set up for enterprise printing, send a test print job to check whether your computer is connected to the print release machine. If you have any issues, contact ITCC.

Desktop Questions
What should I do if I cannot to log into my office computer?

Contact IT Customer Care and our technicians will evaluate your unique scenario to restore access.

Why is my office computer taking so long to update?

Your office computer probably hasn’t been turned on for many months. When you turn it on for the first time, the operating system and other applications will immediately begin to update. These updates might take two or more hours to finish, which means your computer will be too slow to do anything else until all updates are completed. Bring a laptop, a book, or plan to do something else until the update finishes.

Where are my P: drive and files?

All P: drive files have been moved to OneDrive. How to access OneDrive. You may need to reboot your computer one or more times to see all your files in OneDrive.

My office desktop no longer connects to the printer. What should I do?

Our print queues were updated over the last year, so your machine may need to be remapped to your local network printer. Call IT Customer Care to schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to assist you.

My office desktop no longer has access to the apps I need. What should I do?

Contact IT Customer Care and our technicians will evaluate your unique scenario to restore access.

My Mac computer wants to me install Ivanti. What should I do?

Ivanti allows tech support to provide you with help remotely and is used on all University-owned computers. If you use a Mac computer, you may be prompted to download Ivanti and go through some steps to permit the application to access your computer. When asked, allow the application permission to access your computer’s settings to fully enable remote support.

Hotspot Loans

The hotspot service will discontinue on August 31, 2021.

Why is the hotspot program ending?

The University understood that in the peak of the pandemic it was necessary to provide resources so that in-person activities could smoothly transition to a remote environment. In the fall of 2021 the Fordham community will return to campus where WiFi coverage blankets both indoor and outdoor locations. Returned hotspots will be disposed in an environmentally safe manner.

Where do I return my hotspot?

The University requests that you return the hotspot equipment to one of the following locations at your convenience:

IT Customer Care walk-in centers

Rose Hill, McGinley Center – Room 229
Weekdays, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Weekends, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (starting August 21)

Lincoln Center, Leon Lowenstein – Room SL19A
Weekdays, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Weekends, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (starting August 21)

Westchester Faculty Technology Center
Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

I won’t be on campus in the fall. May I return my hotspot in the spring?

You may return your hotspot when it’s convenient for you.

Can I keep my hotspot?

No. If you keep the equipment, the University will not pay for the associated cellular service. If you still need it, ask your department to purchase the service for you. Contact IT Customer Care for more information about reinstatement.

Can I keep my hotspot in case the hotspot program is revived?

You cannot keep your hotspot because the University has no plans to revive the program. In the months since the pandemic began, many people have acquired their own hotspot service or had such services applied to their smartphone.

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