Staff Highlight – Rien Chy


This month, the Office of Information Technology celebrates Rien Chy, Assistant Director of Learning Spaces Management.

Rien works in the IT Client Services department and has been with Fordham for over 20 years.  Throughout their time at Fordham, they have worked on many interesting projects and developed both professionally and personally. To honor the contributions of Rien we are sharing a little about their story.

How long have you been employed at Fordham, and what roles have you held?

Over the past two decades, my journey at Fordham University has been deeply rooted in its evolution. Beginning as a student worker during the era of CIMS, or Computer Information Management System, I’ve witnessed firsthand the institution’s technological advancements. Following my graduation, I accepted a full-time role as a Technical Assistant within Media Services, where my focus spans classroom and conference space optimization, design, AV integration, and the integration of emerging educational technologies. Looking ahead, I’m excited by our organization’s progress towards establishing Fordham IT as a trailblazer within the Higher Education Industry.

What’s the day-to-day of your role like? 

In the daily grind of my role, every day brings a fresh mix of challenges and opportunities in the IT world. Some days it’s the usual routine of sorting through emails, tackling tech issues, and keeping everything running smoothly. But then there are those days when it feels like everything’s gone haywire, and I’m playing the superhero, rushing around to fix things or come up with clever workarounds. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, but luckily, I’ve got an awesome team to ride it out with.

What is your proudest accomplishment in IT and/or life in general?

I’m really passionate about watching our student workers at Fordham IT thrive and flourish. It’s not just about fixing computers; it’s about helping these young folks develop into responsible adults, which is rewarding. And hey, we’re all about that Jesuit vibe of caring for the whole person. 

Recently, I’ve taken on a new role as a dad, and let me tell you, the sheer joy that fills my heart and soul is beyond words. It’s just the start of an incredible journey, and I can’t wait to create countless more cherished memories ahead.

What passion projects/hobbies/activities are you involved in when you are not working?

Outside of work, you’ll find me hitting the volleyball court or pumping iron at the gym. I used to be all about the competition, but these days I’m more into cheering on the sidelines. And when I need to unwind, there’s nothing like hitting the yoga mat, going for a bike ride, or escaping to the great outdoors for a camping trip.

How have you grown professionally while on our team?

On the job, I’m all about learning and growing, aiming to be the kind of manager my team respects and appreciates

What is the most unique part about working at Fordham?

What really sets Fordham apart is the people—the awesome team I get to work with every day and the incredible students who keep things interesting.

What is something fun or interesting that not many people know about you?

Oh, and here’s a fun fact about me: I’ve got a bit of an artsy side—I love to draw and paint whenever I get the chance. It’s my way of switching gears and letting the creative juices flow.

This interview was conducted as part of the Office of Information Technology’s SpotlITe series, in which we highlight staff members who have meaningfully contributed to IT, Fordham, and beyond.

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