Introducing Fordham-supported AI Tools for Learning and Productivity


The Office of Information Technology is excited to announce the launch of Fordham-supported AI tools for students, faculty, and staff to use. Starting Friday, January 19, we will enable the following AI tools in popular Fordham applications.

Blackboard AI Design Assistant

Empower your teaching experience with Blackboard Learn’s AI Design Assistant. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft and adhering to Anthology’s Trustworthy AI framework, this tool leverages generative AI to streamline course creation. It assists instructors in simplifying course structure, generating content-based tests, creating rubrics, and even suggests royalty-free images related to course content. Video: Blackboard Learn’s AI Design Assistant 

Zoom AI Companion

Enhance productivity and collaboration with Zoom AI Companion, your generative AI digital assistant. This tool intelligently processes meeting recordings, summarizes discussions, supports queries in multiple languages, offers feedback on presentation skills, drafts emails, and even generates whiteboard content. Enjoy a seamless and efficient Zoom experience with high-quality AI assistance. Video: Zoom AI Companion – What’s New

Google Bard

Collaborate effortlessly with Google Bard, a conversational AI tool designed to spark creativity and accelerate productivity. Similar to chatGPT, this Google version allows for brainstorming ideas through natural language interactions. Video: Google Bard – Top 5 Tips

Grammarly AI Writer

Supercharge your writing with Grammarly’s AI communication assistant. Unblock ideas, accelerate productivity, and receive polished drafts in seconds. With customizable tone and formality options, Grammarly’s generative AI understands your writing context, helping you compose, ideate, rewrite, and reply to emails with ease. Say goodbye to inbox overload with the ability to get emails summarized and respond quickly using context-specific prompts. Video: How to Use Grammarly AI to Improve Your Writing

Copilot for Edge Browser

Make the most of your online experience with Copilot in Edge. This AI-powered feature built into your Edge browser helps you create, find, and go beyond what you thought was possible. Browse smarter with contextual search and summaries, boost creativity with Image Creator, and use Copilot to simplify tasks such as organizing browser tabs or generating drafts that align with your writing style. Video: AI in Your Web Browser Edge

Please contact the IT Service Desk (718-817-3999 or for questions and comments.

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