Universal Printing: The Details

Stich, Abbildung, gravure, engraving from Tallandier : 1873

Stich, Abbildung, gravure, engraving from Tallandier : 1873

At Fordham, we’ve come a long way from the nineteenth-century printing methods depicted in the engraving, above.

Universal printing is an integral component of Fordham University’s Enterprise Print initiative. We are now deploying Canon multi-function devices that print, scan, copy and fax.

This important program supports Fordham’s green initiative by consolidating desktop printing into centralized network print devices. It reduces overall printing costs by making support, maintenance and power consumption more efficient. Per-page print costs will be reduced by approximately 60 percent. Below is some additional information about using the new multifunction devices (MFDs) and the Enterprise Print program.

With enterprise printing, your Fordham University ID card is a powerful tool that allows you to print, scan, copy, and fax on demand, on any MFD. Once the program has been deployed across the University, you’ll have access to MFDs on every campus, at any time. MFDs are secure: Because your ID card is required to use the machines, your print output is obtainable only by you.

Other features make these extremely reliable MFDs convenient to use:

  • Conveniently located on all campuses
  • Send print requests from your computer or mobile device
  • Scan paper documents and email the file to yourself or someone else
  • No separate copy card required for photocopies
  • High volume, high speed printing capability
  • Low per-page cost. Monthly duty cycles (average number of pages per month a device is rated to print) are measured in the tens of thousands. While the duty cycle indicates the recommended monthly page count, the devices are capable of printing almost three times their rating, to allow for surges in print need.
  • Since all of the MFDs are managed centrally, we know where to increase print capacity and when to repurpose a printer that sits idle.

Printing Costs

  • Black and white copy or print out: $.05 flat fee. Color copy or printout: $.25 flat fee.
  • Departments are not charged the color price for an entire print job if only some of the pages are color. Cost of the document is based on the number of black and white pages and the number of color ones.
  • Departments are billed directly for their printed pages.
  • All printer supplies and the lease are covered in the per-page cost.

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