7 Useful Technology Resources for December 



Since the Thanksgiving break, many people in our campus community have been teaching, learning, and working in a fully remote environment. Below you’ll find some technology resources that might be useful for your remote teaching and office work. Click on the links for more information.

Temporary Zoom webinar licenses Fordham University offers temporary Zoom webinar licenses for online events with up to 500 participants. Submit requests at least 5 business days prior to the event.

How to submit final grades It’s easy! Go to My.Fordham > Faculty tab > Faculty Services channel > and click on the Faculty Services Dashboard.

3 Classroom Resources to Start Using Now
Google Calendar for scheduling a block of appointment slots so students can sign up on their own
Google Drive to create a central place for sharing and updating course files
Panopto to share and organize your Zoom recordings and indefinitely store them.

Enrolling a new device in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) If you get a new device or you’d like to enroll an additional device in MFA, you’ll need to contact IT Customer Care to get things started. Having two or more devices enrolled is recommended, in case your primary device is not available.

Adobe Acrobat for accessible documents Fordham University provides licenses for Adobe Acrobat by request. Go to the Tech Help tab at My.Fordham to request a license.

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