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Note:  Features may change with future updates.  

A:  How can I post or send messages to my students so that I can keep track of what I created?

The announcement tool allows you to keep a record of the messages you post with your course while also giving you the option to send an email of the message at the same time.

1. To make an announcement, click on “Create announcements” from the menu at the top of the page.  To send an email copy of the announcement to your students, make sure to check the box under the body of your message. Select “Save.”

screenshot of adding an announcement

2. After you’ve saved your announcement you will need to click the “Post” button otherwise the announcement will remain a draft and not be visible to the students.   

screenshot of the post button



Note, you can’t send an email copy for an announcement scheduled to display in the future.  If you post an announcement and forget to select the email copy check box, you’ll need to create a new announcement. If you edit the announcement and select the email option and post it again, the email isn’t sent.

Read more about the announcement tool on the Blackboard Instructor online guide.

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