Working Remotely? Keep Moving!


Close up of a person's lower legs and feet, walking with red sneakers outdoors.

Contributed by Katherine Egan, Executive Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Fordham IT

Sitting too much is probably one of the worst parts about working remotely. When you’re at the office, you walk to a co-worker’s office for a chat. You get up to refill your coffee or go out for lunch. You pause at the water cooler to give a colleague a project update. These social activities that break up the work day also force you to stand up and get out of your chair.

If you’re working at home, there are fewer opportunities to move around. The coffee maker and the bathroom at your house may be closer to your desk at home than at your office. What’s more, you don’t need to leave your desk to call a coworker or login to a virtual meeting. The impetus to move can become a challenge.

Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting for extended periods of time can lead to weight gain, as well as posture issues. As if that wasn’t bad enough, recent research has found that being sedentary negatively impacts your immune system.

You can do a few things to add mobility to your work at home schedule. Set reminders in your calendar or phone to get up every hour. When your app chimes, stand up, stretch your arms to the ceiling, and then do twenty squats. Walk to the opposite end of your home and do a 30-second plank. Go outside and walk around the block while you chat with a friend on the phone. Or, plan to have at least one phone meeting while you’re walking.

The main message: When you work at home, remember to keep moving!


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