Working Remotely: A Different Way of Working


Cat with guitar

Contributed by Shaya Phillips, Interim VP/CIO

I have to tell you that working remote on a daily basis is a lot different than spending a day or two working from home. I usually end up sitting for hours in one place. I know, we should move around, use my desk, I know, but really, who does that?

This gets tiring, doing paperwork, Zoom meeting, conference call, Zoom meeting, follow ups, Zoom meeting, email, Zoom meeting and so on. With all the zoom meetings you don’t even get to stay in my comfort clothes, you have to look presentable. Well that is the price we all have to pay.

Just think not long ago, the thought that most of us could work remote was just an idea, now its real. I know some of you still must come to campus, but by keeping the rest of us away we keep you safer. I miss the time in the car (not the traffic), just walking to lunch or the visit to a co-workers office.

So what do you do to break up your day? Tell me about it. What can we do to help? Any suggestions for me? I do get time to spend with my cat, or maybe I should break out my guitar.

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