Virtual Learning: Fordham IT Sets the Stage


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Contributed by Shaya Phillips, Interim VP/CIO

Virtual Learning (as opposed to “online”) is taking over the country. Remote workers are in vogue. This will likely be the operational standard for the foreseeable future. We have planned for this, you have planned for this.

We have received Fr. McShane’s thanks that I want to pass on to all of you, for all the preparation for taking Fordham from on premises learning to virtual learning in such short order. Enrollment, the Provost office and more appreciate all your efforts making this move successful to remote office support.

Now we have to take care of ourselves and the faculty in order to provide the needed services to others. There is a lot of angst and insecurity, not just from the faculty, but the staff, our staff and the students about whats next? How long will this last? Lots of questions, and not a lot of answers yet.

We know you are doing your best, this is our new normal. I know you have questions, ask them. Make sure you set up a good work space at home. If you are coming in to Rose Hill or Lincoln Center to support faculty and students or working in the data centers take special care and follow all hand washing and social distancing guidelines as best you/we can.

Don’t forget to take some time to yourselves, take a walk outside and breath some fresh air.


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