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Flowers on Rose Hill Campus

It is great to see everyone every week in our CIO IT Staff All-Hands Webinars. But maybe it’s time for more of a social get together where everyone can interact or just share what’s going on. Let me know what you think.

By the way, what do you think we can do better? We have heard from several staff at the Operational Management Group, but I am sure you hear things that could help make the remote work (and on campus) environment better. We are getting feedback about making secure file transfers easier, using your phone to scan and directly upload into workflows, and making PDFs meet accessibility requirements. Let me or others in the SLT know what we can do and what we could do better.

The school has put together a Re-Opening Taskforce, and several members of IT are part of it. We will have a form of hybrid learning environment for fall, and more options for spring and summer 2021. This will include forms of asynchronous learning (prerecorded and formatted sessions available via Blackboard) and synchronous (live sessions in person, via Zoom or Collaborate). We have to get ready now, and make sure everything does what it’s supposed to do. From standardizing online learning solutions to expanding options for classroom learning and re-imaging spaces as new learning spaces, we have lots to do.

You, Fordham IT staff, have all done a great job and it is appreciated by all. Watch the Fordham Commencement this weekend ( which we, along with many others contributed to make an online graduation ceremony a reality for our students. This will be broadcast via Zoom (and recorded) and via MarchingOrder.

Shaya Phillips, Interim VP/CIO



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