Panopto’s Improved Organization, Multi-Language Search, and Other Enhancements



Following an update on June 26, Panopto received a number of new features and enhancements.

Multi-stream mobile and embed viewer A new, fully interactive multi-stream experience will allow you to dynamically control streams and cycle through visual layouts. The interactive desktop viewer now supports linked YouTube videos.

Content retention and archiving Create retention policies that archive old videos without deleting them. Establish rules for filtering content and policies regarding meeting recordings, scheduling recording, and uploading videos.

Improved Sharing Experience Panopto has revamped the sharing experience so it’s more intuitive, with an updated look and feel.

Multi-Language Search Specify the content language for each folder and enable Panopto’s Smart Search and speech-to-text processing (closed captioning) in multiple languages within the same site.

Improved clips ordering Drag and drop clips to the desired location from the timeline user interface in the editor.

Panopto Mobile app The mobile app works in the background to upload your recordings, no matter the length. You can easily share videos from within the app, too.

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