New Sport, Old Game, Comes to College Campuses


Written by Elizabeth Cornell

Student Gaming

College sports: Football, basketball, swimming, video games, track and field–hey, wait a minute! Video games are a university-approved sport?

Yup. Not at Fordham (yet), but at the University of Cincinnati and across the country, video games have become a popular approved sport among students. Earlier this fall, 800 video gamers arrived to UC’s basketball court with 8,000 feet of extension cords, 11,000 feet of ethernet cables, and loads of laptops, GameCube controllers and other equipment. The two-day tournament, held by the university’s League of Legends club, attracted the attention of 14,000 people, who watched it online. Winners of the tournament split a $2,000 cash prize.

Read more about it at the Chronicle of Higher Education: “How Video Games Are Becoming University-Approved Sports,” by Ellen Wexler.

Elizabeth Cornell is the Fordham IT Director of Communications.


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