New: Google Workspace Homepage View


Google Workspace has a new Home update to increase productivity. See below for the release notes from Google.

What’s changing

A new streamlined homepage for Drive called Home makes it easier and faster for you to find files that matter most. Specifically, you’ll notice:
  • Personalized file and folder suggestions with machine learning algorithms that can help you get started quickly. These suggestions utilize a variety of signals, such as what files or folders you’ve recently opened, shared or edited, or what documents are attached to upcoming Calendar events.
  • Filter chips to narrow down your search and find relevant files faster across Drive, making it easy to find suggested files by type, people, modified date or the location.
  • A more modern design inline with Google Material Design 3 guidelines that helps you navigate across Drive much more efficiently.

Why you’d use it

The new Google Drive Home page will make it easier and faster for you to find the files you need and collaborate with others.


For Fordham, this change begins on January 11, 2024.

Additional details

When you go to, instead of landing in ‘My Drive’ you will now be directed to ‘Home.’ If you would like to set your default to ‘My Drive,’ click on the “Change to My Drive” option in the banner on Home
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