Good News about G Suite Non-Core Apps


G Suite imageFordham IT takes advantages of vacations and breaks to improve our digital and online resources. During the 2017 spring break, we’ll enable additional non-core G-Suite apps to everyone at Fordham. Even better, after the break, we will no longer require you to sign a separate agreement for using non-core apps. All core and non-core apps now fall under the same user agreement.

Core apps are the ones you’re probably very familiar with, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive. Non-core apps include Blogger, Picasa, Finance, Maps and more.

If you’re using G Suite to interact with data related to Fordham, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re using the these services in accordance with Fordham’s data classification guidelines.

For more information, consult our web page on Gmail and Google Apps. Also, check out our posts and upcoming events related to using G Suite at Fordham.


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