Email Etiquette: 5 Tips


In the past year, email has become a more important presence in our lives than ever before. Below are 5 tips about sending and receiving email. If everyone keeps them in mind, we can make emailing at Fordham a better experience for us all.


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To “Reply All” … or not

Before you hit “Reply All,” make sure your response is relevant to everyone in the thread. You’ll avoid lengthening the thread if you refrain from sending emails with one word, such as “OK” or “Thanks!” When you respond to any email, don’t start a brand new thread. Using the same thread makes it easier to refer back to the email history, including what was said and when.


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Be sensible when it’s sensitive

Sending confidential information? Use email encryption or avoid sending private information entirely in the body of the email or as an attachment. Before sending any email, double check you’ve selected the correct recipient. When you want to add recipients to an email, ask the original sender if it is OK to do so.


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Use clear subject lines

Recipients are more likely to read and respond to emails with clear and direct subject lines. “Spring Semester Proposal” is more descriptive than “Hey, quick question.”


All joking aside

Humorous or sarcastic comments that sound funny when spoken aloud can be perceived differently in text. When in doubt, leave the joke out.


Keep it simple

concise, straightforward email will get a better response than a wordy message covering multiple points. If the topic is complex, organize the main ideas in a list or consider making a phone call instead.




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