Blackboard Mailbag: Course Merge


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Q:  I have multiple sections of the same course.  Is there a way to combine them so that I only have to manage one course on Blackboard?

merge symbol


A:  We have created a form for you to request course sections to be merged:  

Course Merge Request.  


Note, you will need to confirm the following:

  • If you’ve done any work in these courses, it will not automatically transfer over to the merged course.
  • If you have already created content in one of the courses and you would like to have it in the Parent course (merged course), please provide the course ID of that course or the five-digit CRN, and we can complete a course copy for you.
  • Once the courses are merged, you will no longer go into the separate course shells.  You will add and manage content within the Parent course and your students will automatically get the content within their registered course.   

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