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Q: Is there an annotation tool that can be used in Blackboard?

Perusall is a powerful social annotation-centered teaching tool that is integrated into Fordham’s Blackboard environment.  To access Perusall simply open your Blackboard class, and in the content area, choose Tools / Content Market.  Then simply choose Perusall to get started:

from the create menu click on tools/content market


Perusall is highly recommended to Fordham instructors because it transforms passive reading into an active and collaborative learning experience. Traditionally, students read assigned materials on their own with no ability to ask/answer questions about what they’re reading, when they’re reading. Perusall tackles this by allowing students to highlight and annotate passages directly within the text. While the annotation process encourages close reading and deeper comprehension, more importantly, students can see and respond to each other’s annotations.  The resulting conversation fosters deeper engagement and understanding.  In addition, each class member can contribute and then read/consider different perspectives on the material. This social reading approach not only keeps students engaged but also helps them solidify their understanding by explaining their own thoughts and considering others’.

Perusall also promotes critical thinking in several ways. By highlighting and annotating passages, students are actively analyzing the text, identifying important points, and potentially questioning the author’s ideas.  Seeing other students’ annotations exposes them to diverse interpretations and encourages them to evaluate their own views.  Lastly, you (the instructor) can pose specific questions within the text, prompting students to think critically about the content and formulate well-supported arguments in their annotations and replies. 

Perusall’s interactive approach can challenge your students to go beyond simply memorizing facts and encourages them to analyze, synthesize, and form their own informed opinions.

For more information about how to use Perusall please view our Bb Mailbag post on Increasing Student Engagement with Perusall.


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