A New Normal


Dealy Hall

Contributed by Shaya Phillips, Interim VP/CIO

So by now we are all getting used to things in this rapidly changing online world. Zoom socializing…have any of you done it yet. Not the same as in person, but at least you get to mix it up with friends and see them. Have a virtual drink, or play a game, or just visit. Lots of WhatsApp calls to relatives overseas. We are all in the same boat.

Our providers are getting up to speed as well, last week Zoom lost management of virtual break out rooms, IBM had failings and even Google had amazingly poor quality on Meet/Hangouts. Everyone is trying to scale up to meet demand. As I am sure you are as well. You have work (remote), but have to take care of the kids who used to be at school. Your home has never been so lived in, so combined with all you do, it has to be cleaned more. You can’t just run out or order lunch, you have to prepare it.

We all need backup, and understanding in these unprecedented times. Fordham has been good to us, and because we closed early in the Pandemic, many at Fordham were spared from COVID-19. Now we have to endure being quarantined at home. I guess its not so bad.

Take care of yourself, your family and then work. We will get everything done, maybe on a new timeline. I know my work day is longer, but we still have that to distract us. Take care and Stay Safe.


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