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Recently, and the CIO Executive Council presented the perspectives of Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.00.41 PMthree leading CIOs regarding their top three priorities for 2015. Frank J Sirianni, Ph.D, Vice President and CIO at Fordham University, was one of the CIOs interviewed for the article.

Here are three of Dr. Sirianni and Fordham IT’s top priorities for 2015:

1. Full deployment of Fordham Connect, our CRM platform that has both critical business goals and significant change management goals for the enterprise.

2. Establishing a SaaS platform for our ERP suite, facilitating resource realignment and other goals.

3. Digital literacies:

  • Enable us to be versatile users of digital tools and technology, to adapt, troubleshoot, hack. 
  • Promote digital citizenship.
  • Broaden and deepen students’ digital literacies to assist them in their current and future studies, and make them more competitive on the job market.
  • Provide staff and resources to support faculty in staying current on the constantly changing/evolving demands and standards of digital literacies.



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