Launching AI Tools at Fordham: Info Tech’s Mindful Approach


The decision to launch AI tools at Fordham has been a meticulous process, guided by a commitment to maintaining the integrity of critical thinking and discernment in our academic community. Driven by requests from Rams to provide support for emerging technology, the Fordham-supported AI Tools initiative fills the need for cautious adoption, recognizing the impact, numerous unknowns, and associated risks of AI. 

The selection of approved tools is aligned with our safety, data protection, and academic guidelines to empower our users to experiment and explore while developing AI literacy. In order to ensure the integrity of the university, IT adheres to a stringent and thoughtful evaluation process when rolling out AI tools for students, faculty, and staff.

 IT’s Research and Vetting Process

For the first wave of AI tools introduced in spring 2024, IT diligently navigated a 5-month vetting process to ensure the security and privacy of user data, mindful of the evolving landscape and the imperative to minimize risks. After our initial review, we shared the AI tools list with the University leadership, including the faculty senate, for their feedback. In January 2024, we announced the list of new tools with the Fordham community and received positive feedback from students and faculty who were excited to incorporate AI into their work. The first set of tools we shared are targeted towards productivity and learning. 

Going forward, IT will continue to vet and enable emerging AI technologies as they become available and offer assistance to faculty, students, and staff interested in exploring more. 

Continuing the Conversation: The AI Interest Group

In order to ensure the responsible integration of emerging technology, the Provost created the AI Interest Group to provide support and tackle complex concerns facing higher education. The group has since released comprehensive policy guidelines and AI informational resources for faculty to ensure responsible and effective integration of AI in their teaching methodologies. As AI evolves and IT approves new tools, the Interest Group will continue to provide support and address faculty concerns. Contact them at

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