Closing the Digital Gap Conference


In today’s rapidly evolving world, closing the digital divide has become more crucial than ever, particularly for professionals in social work and health. Recognizing the urgency of this matter, the Fordham Institute of Women and Girls (FIWG) and the International Health Awareness Network (IHAN) recently organized the Closing the Digital Gap Conference on November 17, 2023. The insightful event brought together global speakers from diverse fields such as business, health, education, libraries, information technology (IT), and social work. Their goal? To shed light on the issue and propose practical solutions.

As technology advances, keeping abreast of digital advancements becomes essential. Kristen Treglia, a representative of Fordham Information Technology, spoke at this event and offered insights on innovations in technology that can help close the digital gap. Treglia’s presentation brought attention to emerging trends in healthcare technology, ranging from digital visualization to artificial intelligence. Emphasizing the ethical dimension, she underscored the importance of developing technology with a commitment to fairness and inclusivity:

“It’s even more apparent and imperative that we act as allies and advocates for the marginalized and disadvantaged so that we have a more equitable society,” she said. “So anything that you can do is good…You can’t solve the whole problem, but you can do your part.”


Visit Kristen’s website for her slides and resources

Read more about the conference:

Health Care Workers and Technology: How Can Social Workers and Their Colleagues Improve Access?
Connor White, GSE Newsroom, 11/21/23

Watch the recording:


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