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Note:  Features may change with future updates.  

Q:  Is it possible to have assignments show up in specific modules and also in a folder with all of the assignments lists?

A:  Yes!  You can use a feature called the course link tool to create a shortcut to an existing item in your course.  You can also create course links to an existing area or tool.

When you create a course link, it appears on the Course Content page as a link icon layered over the target item’s icon. For example, a course link to a learning module will appear on the page with the link icon layered over the learning module icon.

How to create a course link

  1. Click on the purple (+) icon to open the Create menu. Select the Link option.

  2. This opens a New Link page with two tabs:
    • Create Web Link (for linking to websites external to a course)
    • Create Course Link (for linking to content within a course)
  3. Select the Create Course Link tab to add a course link.
  4. To search for the target content item, type a keyword. You can also select one or more checkboxes in the Categories list. When you add a course link at the root or top level of the Course Content page, you can add course links to any content item, including Document, Assessments (all types), SCORM, File, Journal, Folder, and Learning Module. When you add a course link to nested content, the option to add course links to folders and learning modules is hidden.

  5. Select Search to view search results. Select a content item from the list displayed. Once an item is selected, you can edit the Display Name. If your target item has a description, it’s included here. You can edit or add a description. Changing the display name or description on this page doesn’t affect the target item’s display name or description.

Linking exceptions

You can create course links for most course materials and activities. Keep in mind these exceptions: 

  • You can’t create course links for discussions and web links.
  • You can’t move into another folder or learning module a course link to a folder or learning module. A warning message displays if you try to move a course link in this way.
  • You can’t use course links with learning modules where force sequence is enabled. This would allow users access to content they shouldn’t yet access. 
  • If a course link exists in a learning module, it’s not possible to enable force sequence. 

For more about Course Links, visit the Bb Instructor guide on this topic.

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