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Q:  Is there a way to track what content students have viewed or completed?

You can turn on progress tracking at any time to give your students an easy way to keep track of what they’ve done in your course. If you turn on progress tracking after the beginning of the course, participatory items are retroactively marked as complete. For example, assessments previously submitted by students are marked as complete. Non-participatory items, such as Ultra Documents, will still need to be manually marked by students.

Turn progress tracking on for your course:

  1. Select Courses from the Ultra navigation menu.
  2. Select a Course.
  3. Under Details & Actions > Progress Tracking, select Turn on
  4. After the Progress Tracking panel opens, switch the toggle from off to on.
  5. Save your new settings. 

Your students will now see their progress in the course. All content displays an icon showing a student’s progress. When all content in a folder or module has been completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.

Before a student has accessed content, the Progress icon is an empty circle:

After a student has accessed content, the Progress icon is a half-filled circle:

If a student has marked content as complete, the Progress icon is a green checkmark:

The Student Progress tab

The Student Progress tab helps you track individual student progress in a course. You can see completed and uncompleted tasks for each student. You can access the tab by selecting Progress in a student’s overview.

This tab includes only content visible to students by default. If a student can’t access content because they don’t meet release conditions yet, this is shown. You can change the tab to display all content. If you view with the “All” filter, content the student can’t see is marked with a not visible icon. Content marked not visible either isn’t viewable to students or it’s hidden until students meet the release conditions.

Read more about Progress Tracking on the Blackboard instructor online guide.


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