Zoom Update: New Way to Join Meetings


On Saturday, April 22, 2023, Zoom will implement a new meeting join flow. The new join flow consolidates the number of windows you see when joining a meeting.

The new meeting join flow:

When joining a meeting, you will now see a Waiting Room window and, if enabled, a Video Preview window.

The new Waiting Room windowWaiting Room

Combines the functionality of the previous “Waiting Room” and “Waiting for host” windows (see below).

Zoom Video PreviewVideo Preview Window (optional)

When joining a meeting as an attendee, you can also elect to see a Video Preview window. This window allows you to preview how your video will appear to other attendees. You also have the option to update video settings such as your virtual background or video filters. Enable the Zoom video preview window in your video settings


The previous meeting join flow:

Meeting host will let you in soonPrevious Waiting Room window

Displays if host has enabled a Waiting Room

Please wait for host to start this meetingPrevious Waiting for Host window

Displays if the host has not yet started the meeting.

Zoom Video PreviewVideo Preview Window


Zoom Client 5.12.0 and later versions support this new meeting join flow.

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