Home Use Licenses for IBM SPSS 25 Available!


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What is IBM SPSS 25?

IBM SPSS 25 builds predictive models and conducts analytic tasks (Wikipedia). Organizations and individuals use IBM SPSS Statistics to understand data, analyze trends, forecast and plan, validate assumptions, and drive accurate conclusions (IBM).

Licenses now available for home use!

New for 2018, licenses for IBM SPSS 25 are available to Fordham faculty and students for use on their home computers. Access to IBM SPSS 25 is also available to the University community on Fordham’s campus computers.

New features in IBM SPSS 25

The new features in IBM SPSS 25 include increased analytic capabilities through new and advanced statistics, stronger integration with third-party applications, and enhanced productivity.

Enhancements have been made to Mixed Linear Models (MIXED), Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GENLINMIXED), and General Linear Model (GLM) and UNIANOVA to enable richer data analysis.  Add probabilities to your analysis with Bayesian statistics, using either the new syntax or GUI elements that are as easy to run as traditional p-value statistics.

Exportation of charts to Microsoft Office has been redesigned so they may be copied as Microsoft Graphic Objects. Charts can be manipulated as if they were created in MS Office and can be pasted like images. SPSS Chartbuilder allows users to build more attractive, modern-looking charts than before.

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