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Google Workspace logo shown by apple pencil on the iPad Pro tablet screen. Man using application on the tablet. December 2020, San Francisco, USA

Emails sent outside of Fordham domain to receive “external” tag

Last fall, Google rebranded G Suite as Google Workspace. One change that you’ll soon see includes adding a yellow tag that says “external” to all emails sent to you from outside the Fordham email system.

Other new features in Google Workspace include a simplified integration of Gmail, Docs, Drive, and other Google apps you rely on every day. For example, if a Google Doc or Sheet contains a link to another file in Google Drive, you can hover over the link to preview the linked file. Read more about Google Workspace.

“Classic” Google Sites to be discontinued

Any Google Sites created using the classic version of Sites will need to be transitioned to the updated version of Sites. If you need help transitioning an old Google Site to a new version, contact ITCC for assistance.

Do you use the Zoom for G Suite* add-on? 

Zoom has enabled new features to its add-on that require you to reauthorize its access to your contacts and the Fordham directory. You’ll only need to reauthorize one time. If you do not use the add-on, you may ignore this messageReauthorization instructions.

* Zoom has not updated its nomenclature and documentation to reflect the rebranding of G Suite to Google Workspace.

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