Three Digital Assignment Trackers Perfect for Fordham Students


As a college student managing tests, homework, essays, clubs, and more, you need a planner that works for your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you thrive on a meticulous schedule or prefer a more relaxed approach, a digital assignment tracker will help you stay on top of your responsibilities and spend your time efficiently. 

Want to find a planner that works for you? Below are some great digital planners offering various types of visualization tools, customization levels, and unique features. 

DIY Google Sheets Assignment Tracker

Did you know you can use Google Sheets to create a highly customized yet easy to use assignment tracker? This is a great option for students of any spreadsheet-skill level who like lists and simplicity. 

Using your Fordham Google Workspace account, start a new spreadsheet and create columns for information like class, due date, name of assignment, links to additional information, and more. When you receive your syllabi at the beginning of the semester, input all your assignment details, sort your sheet by date, and you are ready to go. For advanced spreadsheet users, you can also color code by class, use the checklist feature, or add conditional formatting.

Pro tip: create a bookmark for your Google Sheet assignment tracker in your browser for easy access. 

The Uncomplicated Planner from MyHomework

Students who prefer a straightforward interface will enjoy managing their classes and assignments with MyHomework Planner. All you have to do is input your classes (days and time, location, professor, color coding, etc.) and assignment information (type, class, due date and time, etc.) and MyHomework handles the rest by providing both a list view of your upcoming assignments and a calendar view of your classes and due dates. You can also rank the priority of assignments and schedule due date reminders, making it easy to manage your time and stay on top of your work. 

Sign up for MyHomework Planner for free with your Fordham Gmail account today.

MyHomework Planner is free, and you can sign up with your Fordham Gmail account. You can also download mobile apps to your smartphone and check on your tasks on the go.  


Custom Build an Assignment Organizer with Notion

Notion is a highly customizable organization tool for students who enjoy being on-top of assignments. Unlike other homework planners, Notion is an “all-in-one workspace” with hundreds of built-in features that you arrange and utilize to create an assignment tracker and visualizer that works for you. 

To start, sign up for free with your Fordham Gmail account, create a new page, add a table, and customize the columns. Once you enter your assignment information, you can choose from a variety of different “views” such as a timeline, calendar, list, board, and more! Notion is a complex tool well suited for avid planners.

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