Three Classroom Resources to Start Using Now


laptop computer showing online class

An easier way to schedule virtual office appointments in Google Calendar

Did you know you can create appointment slots in your Fordham Google Calendar that others can reserve? When someone signs up for an appointment, the event shows up on your and the other person’s calendars. This is a great way to schedule students for your virtual office hours. You can also make appointment blocks, and they can recur, which is especially helpful for weekly office hours.

Share files with Google Drive

Manage and share course materials on Google Drive using your Fordham Google account. Create folders, nest and color code them, if needed. Whenever you add new files to the folder, students immediately gain access. If the content in a file needs to be modified, you can upload a new version and the file’s URL will not be changed (see “Upload new version” under “Manage Versions.”) Google Drive is a great option because it provides a central access point for all course materials.

Record and share video and audio on Panopto

Use Panopto to record lectures and presentations with your computer’s audio, video, and desktop screen. Edit the recording transcripts and share links to Panopto files with anyone at Fordham. Zoom recordings automatically get saved indefinitely in Panopto. You can also embed Panopto videos into Blackboard courses.

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