The #PrivacyAware Movement


Hey! Did you know that January 28 is Data Privacy Day? That’s right: Data privacy—keeping your data, and that of others, private and safe—has its own special day of observance to raise awareness. Of course, keeping data safe and protecting personal data doesn’t just occur on January 28. It’s a 24/7 obligation shared by anyone engaged with the digital world.

5 things you can do to keep data safe

1. Understand that information is valuable.

2. Spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues that their privacy—and yours—is important. Cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices make it easy to connect to the world, wherever you are. They may also contain information about your contacts and images, and data about your location, health, and finances. Keep your devices locked when not using and in sight at all times.

3. Educate yourself. Take Fordham’s Security Awareness courses ( > My Apps > Terranova—Security Awareness). One course, Mobility, explains how to protect your data and avoid cyber threats when using a mobile device. Topics include:

  • Taking protective measures to preserve the confidentiality of information on your smartphone
  • Securing your personal computer when at home
  • Protecting your information and the technology you use when working remotely
  • Safeguarding your mobile devices and securing data while traveling

4. Own your online presence. Review the privacy and security settings for online services and devices that you use. Stay Safe Online, sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance, has tips for managing your privacy settings.

5. Follow the National Cyber Security Alliance on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about the latest privacy issues. #PrivacyAware

Happy Data Privacy Day, everyone!


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