SIM NY Metro Website Redesign



SIM (Society of Information Management) is the only national professional network that connects senior-level IT leaders with peers in their communities. SIM provides IT professionals with valuable opportunities for knowledge sharing, professional development, collaboration, and career advancement.
In the spring of 2016, the SIM New York Metro Chapter asked Fordham IT staff member Shabana Pathan, Director of Organizational Optimization, to organize a redesign of the Chapter’s website.
Several talented Fordham IT staff contributed to the site revamp. They were Teddy Francois, Systems Analyst, Cloud/Agile Systems Mgmt; Raheema Kadwa, a sophomore at Fordham University; and Kanchan Thaokar, Technical Manager, Academic Computing. The project was spearheaded by Ms. Pathan and Judy Arteche-Carr, Chairperson of the SIM NY Executive Committee. The newly developed site launched August 2016 and can be viewed here.
Erik Tomasi, President-elect of the SIM NY Metro Executive Committee sent this note of thanks: “Shabana, you and your team have truly done an outstanding job with the website. It is immensely appreciated and an example for other areas.”
Ms. Artech-Carr concurred, stating that “Shabana organized a team with the specific expertise needed for the project. Her leadership and the team’s commitment to excellence made a significant improvement for SIMNY Metro and raised its public profile.”
Responding to these remarks, Ms. Pathan said “that the redesign and timely launch of the website would not have been possible without our dedicated Fordham IT team. It has been an honor and a great learning experience to work with them.”
The SIM NY Metro Executive Board recognized each team member for their effort with a note of gratitude and a generous gift card.

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