September 2017 Technology Update



Dreamer Technology

New Campus Network Launches Smoothly Thousands of devices successfully initiated connection to the new network via Connect-Fordham-WiFi. When you get to campus, set-up takes just a few minutes. Once connected, you’ll never be asked for your credentials again, unless you change your AccessIT password. 18 FAQs about Fordham WiFi.

Blackboard Instructor App View course content, connect with students in discussions, and interact with your class in Blackboard Collaborate. Download the free Blackboard app for your Android or Apple device.
Fordham Mobile Go App Find campus resources in one place, on your phone: News, directory, the campus shuttle schedule, Ram Van ticketing, and more! Download the free Mobile Go app from your Google Play or iTunes store.
Enroll Two or More Devices in MFA Enrolling a second device in multi-factor authentication (MFA) means you have a back-up for accessing Fordham systems, should your preferred device become unavailable. Enroll now, before you need that second device!
Cyber Security Awareness Who’s responsible for cyber security at Fordham? We all are! Increase your knowledge about cyber security with the UISO Security Training for Employees, found in Blackboard under My Organizations.

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