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HCI, IaaS Help Universities Simplify Infrastructure Management

Article: EdTech Magazine, 2/21/2023

“Simplicity has been Fordham University’s game plan for the past decade. Since shifting its enterprise resource planning system from its New York campus to Amazon Web Services in 2012, the school has moved about 85 percent of its infrastructure to cloud services.”

Threat or opportunity? The impact of AI on Education

Dr. Nicole Zeidan, Assistant Director of Emerging Educational Technologies

Panel Discussion: Fordham Graduate School of Education, 2/7/2023

“Some of those digital divides can include the lack of access to the actual technology itself, a lack of internet connectivity … the lack of devices … biases in AI, and algorithms in data can have a lack of cultural sensitivities,” said Zeidan. “The technology may not be able to understand certain perspectives or experiences in different cultures as well.”

Podcast: On Balance with Anand Padmanabhan

Anand Padmanabhan, VP & CIO

Podcast: SPN Network, 1/11/2023

In this episode of On Balance, Dr. Rod Berger sat down with Fordham University’s VP and Chief Information Officer Anand Padmanabhan. They talked about the value of technology to higher education students and faculty as it relates to post-graduation job placement.

Future of IT in Higher Education

Anand Padmanabhan, VP & CIO

Article: Education Technology Insights,  12/14/2022

“Presidents of universities who are progressive thinkers, like where I work, bring the CIO into strategic conversations. Not the proverbial seat at the table but meetings discussing the university’s strategic imperatives. Alarmingly, many universities still consider their CIOs as their ‘nuts and bolts’ persons,” said Anand Padmanabhan, vice president and chief information officer at Fordham.

Anand Padmanabhan, VP & CIO

Conference Presentation: Ed3 DAO, 11/12/2022

Web3 has the potential to change the way higher education and learning operates. Will universities be able to catch up? In this session, Anand Padmanabhan, CIO & VP of Fordham University, will discuss the mechanics of building a web3 Center for Excellence at the university level.

Embracing Enterprise Architecture to Drive New Cloud Value

Kevin Muller, Interlock Group Assistant Director

Conference Presentation: Internet2, 11/11/2022

“Our university dove head first into a leading-edge cloud transformation of our ERP system-of-record many years ago. Now, we are learning that our once-innovative cloud strategy requires a solid enterprise architecture foundation to continue driving new value and technology effectiveness for our organization’s future cloud strategy. We will share our story so far, exploring our successes and ‘speed bumps.’”

Ukrainian Scholars Persist In Spite of War

Shawn Hill, Instructional Technologist

Project: AAJR-Fordham-NYPL Fellowship Program for Ukrainian Scholars, 11/9/2022

To help the Ukranian scholars with their research, Shawn Hill, an instructional technologist in Fordham’s department of informational technology, delivered a workshop in November that walked participants through the reference tool Zotero. The bibliographic and citation tool makes it easier for scholars to organize papers, monographs, books, and articles.

Using Data Visualization to Confront Systemic Oversaturation

Shawn Hill, Instructional Technologist

Conference Presentation: The Urgency of the Moment, 11/7/2022

“On the eve of Election Day 2022, we welcomed guests to a morning of networking and discussion with leaders from the Take Office community to learn about how leaders are responding to the most pressing issues in NYC and beyond; and what steps we as community leaders can be taking to accelerate solutions.

Each of our panelists brought a range of professional and community leadership expertise on issues including criminal justice, good governance, housing insecurity, food insecurity and more. This panel discussed some of the most pressing concerns our communities face, giving us the information we need to be leaders in our communities.”

Instructional Design e-Learning Project in Jordan

Kristen Treglia, Senior Instructional Technologist

Project: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 2019

“Joining the Instructional Design e-Learning project (IDEL) was a career high point for me, and traveling to Jordan was a trip of a lifetime,” said Kristen Treglia. She recently joined a team of seven international experts in the areas of curriculum design, blended learning, pedagogy, and educational technology who traveled together to Amman, Jordan, in late 2019. They spent 5 days training Jordanian educators to design blended learning courses with digital tools.