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Have you ever wanted to use a different version of your name with your email address? Now you can, with an email alias!Gmail media for post

What is an email alias?

An email alias is an alternative email address associated with your primary Fordham email account that you can use to send and receive messages. It is an email address within the domain chosen by you that is more personal or memorable than your original address.

Three things to know about the Fordham email alias:

  1. Email aliases are created on a first-come, first-served basis. If your alias of choice is already taken, try an alternative configuration of your name.
  2. After you receive an alias, your Fordham username and your primary Fordham email address will not change and will remain valid. Use your primary username/email to sign into Fordham applications and systems.
  3. Only the elements of your name on record at Fordham may be used for your alias. For example, if your name is Philip Thomas Johnny, your alias could be or

You can find full details and examples of possible email aliases, rules for creating them, and the email alias request link on our website.


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