Reduce Your Risk


Criminal cyber activity evolves at an alarming rate. A person involved with cybercrime continually devises new and increasingly sophisticated methods to get your private and sensitive information.

Do you know the best practices for reducing your risk of getting hacked? Find out what they are by taking our free Information Security Awareness courses. They can be found at > My Apps tab > Log into Terranova–Security Awareness.

Complete the courses in one sitting or multiple sessions (the course remembers where you left off.)

Our newest Security Awareness course, Mobility explains how to avoid cyber threats when using your home laptop, smartphone, and other mobile devices. The course will be available January 23. Topics include:

  • Smartphones Learn protective measures to preserve the confidentiality of information on your smartphone
  • Protecting Your Home Computer How to secure your personal computer when at home
  • Working Remotely Protect the information you possess and the technology you use when working remotely
  • Traveling Securely Implement best practices to keep your mobile devices and data secure while traveling

Mobility complements the previously released course, Introduction to Information Security, which covers the following:

  • Introduction to Information Security and the role you play
  • Email Associated risks and best practices for reducing them
  • Phishing How to recognize the telltale signs of phishing
  • Malware How to avoid infection

We’ve also provided a 3-minute lesson on how you can help protect yourself from a Ransomware attack.

New courses will be added throughout the year and announced via email from

Take advantage of these courses. Learn how to stay safe online and increase your resilience, and that of Fordham University, in the event of a cyber incident.


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