New: Create Shareable Video Presentations in Google Slides


Google Workspace has a new Google Slides update to improve presentations. See below for the release notes from Google.

What’s changing

We’re introducing slides recordings, a new Google Slides feature that lets you easily record yourself presenting, and then share the presentation with others to view when it works for them. From webinars, to employee trainings, to lessons for your classroom, slides recordings help you effortlessly record visual and engaging presentations without ever leaving Slides.

Why it’s important

This feature helps you share more engaging video presentations with others for easy, flexible viewing. Whether sharing video content inside of your company or externally, with slides recordings you don’t need to use a separate video recording tool.


For Fordham, this change begins on January 11, 2024.

Additional details

You can use your computer’s built-in or external camera and microphone hardware to add your voice and webcam feed to your recording.

Getting started

Visit the Help Center to learn more about recording a slideshow, finding your recording, sharing your recording, removing a recording and more. Please note that recording-creation is only accessible using Google Chrome on your Desktop. Recordings cannot be created on mobile devices and are not accessible from the Slides mobile app. However, you can find and view your recording using the Drive mobile app.

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