More Google Apps Arrive at Fordham!

Graphic from Cirrus Insights

Graphic from Cirrus Insight 

This August an additional 20 Google non-core applications were made available to everyone at Fordham. Click here for a detailed list of the new applications.

Your Fordham Gmail account gives you access to many non-core Google apps, including Blogger, Photos, Maps, and YouTube. These non-core are covered by the Term of Service agreement between you and Google. To learn more about core and non-core (sometimes called consumer) apps at Fordham, please consult our web page.

If you haven’t done so, make sure to sign the Term of Service agreement for Google core and non-core applications.  These agreements need to be signed before you can use them.

We often offer trainings on using Google Apps in the classroom and office. Check our training page for information. If you don’t see a training listed, you may request one.



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