Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Computers


Did you know your computer keyboard has over 100 keyboard shortcuts? In addition to the standard copy and paste, Windows computers are programmed with a variety of keyboard shortcuts for documents, formatting, and navigation. Without touching the mouse, you can impress your peers by controlling your computer with a few quick taps. 

For Apple users, check out Keyboard Tips and Tricks for Apple Computers


Are you interested in even more keyboard commands? Check out the complete list of Windows shortcuts. As noted below for some commands, the keyboard shortcuts differ if you’re using the Google docs editing platform


Undo ctrl + z
Redo  ctrl + y
Close window ctrl + w
Minimize window windows key + down arrow
Maximize window (make fullscreen) windows key + up arrow
Force quit an app alt + F4



Refresh webpage F5
Zoom in ctrl + +
Zoom out ctrl +
Open a new tab ctrl + t
Open hyperlink in new tab ctrl + (click link)


Text Formatting – Microsoft Office

Superscript ctrl + shift + =
for Google docs: ctrl + .
Subscript ctrl + =
Google docs: ctrl + ,
Insert hyperlink  ctrl + k
Paste and match formatting of surrounding text ctrl + shift + v
Copy formatting of selected text ctrl + shift + c
Paste copied formatting on selected text ctrl + shift + v



Select all text ctrl + a
Select all text below ctrl + shift + end
Select all text above ctrl + shift + home
Select text 1 line below shift + down arrow
Select text 1 line above shift + up arrow


Move Cursor

Move to beginning of line/paragraph ctrl + up arrow
Move to end of line/paragraph ctrl + down arrow



Take screenshot (will be copied to clipboard) ctrl + PrtScr


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