July 2017 Technology Update


July Tech Update

Do you have 2 or more? That’s how many devices you should register to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Fordham password-protected systems. When your preferred device isn’t available, you’ll have a backup! How to enroll additional devices in MFA.

How risky is your online activity? You know a suspicious email when you see it. Or do you?

Make your next meeting a virtual one. WebEx for online meetings and videoconferencing lets you easily meet and collaborate with colleagues anywhere, anytime, on any device. This guide to best practices for using WebEx can help optimize your experience.

New, FREE antivirus for all. The new BitDefender for PCs and Macs replaces Symantec. Antivirus software is required for all computers using the new campus wireless network.

A new wireless campus network for the fall! A new name (we’ll announce it soon) and an improved way to connect will save you time and simplify the login process. Antivirus required for access (for both Macs and PCs).

Fordham University is a Microsoft Customer Story Our own Rashid Khan, Director of Analytics for Fordham IT, was recently interviewed by Microsoft about Fordham’s adoption of analytics tools to “make strategic decisions about enrollment and understand factors boosting and hindering student success.”


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