IT Employment Opportunities for Students


At Fordham IT, students are always welcome to work part-time on all Fordham campuses. In fact, IT employs 80-100 student workers during the year, and during the back-to-school period, the student IT Team is filled with 25 students. All positions offer hourly wages, and both graduate and undergraduate students are accepted and encouraged to apply.

Students are welcome to apply to work part time on all Fordham campuses for Fordham IT, which employs 80 to 100 student workers annually. During the back-to-school period, 25 students work for the IT Team. All positions offer hourly wages, and both graduate and undergraduate students are accepted and encouraged to apply.

Here are some of the jobs you could apply for at Fordham IT:

1. IT Team (temporary position)

Have you seen those people wearing blue IT t-shirts during move-in week? They’re Fordham students whose goal is to help new and returning students connect to the Fordham WiFi and set up their technology devices. If you’re thinking of this job, you’ll need to attend a one-day training event. It’ll give you all the experience you need, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy for this job. Compensation for Fall 2019’s move-in team is $17/hour.

2. Media Services Assistant/Intern

Not all instructors know how to use computers in Fordham’s classrooms. When they need help, they call up the Media Services team, who sends either a Media Assistant or an Intern to the classroom for assistance. Additional tasks include installing software on campus computers, performing A/V device adjustments, firmware upgrades, and more. Compensation is $15/hour.  

3. IT Office Assistant

Do you have strong customer service skills? The Fordham IT Office Assistant provides clerical assistance like answering phone calls, helping with various administrative duties, and scanning documents for the IT department. Compensation for this work is $15/hour.

4. Project Management Intern

Gain valuable, real-life experience with Fordham IT’s project management team. Daily tasks include managing schedules and ensuring that team members stay up to date with their weekly project statuses, documenting resourcing needs, and creating mock-ups and wireframes. Compensation is $15/hour.

5. Resident Technology Consultant (must live on campus)

The RTC is the primary source of help when it comes to students who live on campus. They are on call from 7:00 am to 12:00 am, and must respond to troubleshooting reports within 24 hours. Since the RTC lives in the building where they work, this position is convenient and gives consultants a flexible time frame to resolve issues. Compensation is $17/hour.

Judith Rothschild-Best, Assistant Director of Student Technology Services, coordinates the hiring of student workers. She says that “most positions have specific requirements, but for many of them positions, you don’t have to be tech-savvy and training is provided to bring you up to speed.” Ms. Rothschild-Best welcomes motivated students from all backgrounds to submit an application for one or more open positions. Whether you have an interest in computer science, risk management, customer service, or graphic design and marketing, there’s probably a position that’s a good match for you.

As a student working for Fordham IT, you’ll be treated as an equal with others who work at entry-level positions. You’ll never find yourself fetching coffee for anyone. Full job descriptions can be found on our website at!

Special thanks to Judith Rothschild-Best, Assistant Director of Student Technology Services, for her input in this blog post!

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