IT Customer Care Takes It (IT?) on the Road


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By William Shuriff

Have you noticed recently IT Customer Care staff Omar Cheikh and Joe DiBartolo at a table in the Rose Hill faculty dining room? Or maybe you’ve seen them outside the McGinley student cafeteria. ITCC is not attempting to take over the University. Rather, we’re getting ITCC’s name and some of our friendly faces out there on campus. We’re going out to meet the students, faculty, and staff that we serve.

Joe DiBartolo and Omar Cheikh ITCC Specialists

Joe DiBartolo and Omar Cheikh
ITCC Specialists

This initiative is part of ITCC’s Outreach Program. Twice a month, we set up tables around campus at different locations, including the Walsh Library and Lincoln Center. Omar and Joe have learned a lot about the Fordham community. They report that many people say they are extremely happy with the service they receive from IT Customer Care.

One faculty member, after stating how much she appreciates the way things are run, asked Omar and Joe for suggestions about running an IT help desk at another university. Apparently, her husband works at one and they’d like to improve to Fordham’s level. Omar and Joe have fielded a number of questions and comments.

“Oh, Fordham IT. What are you promoting?”

“Why are you promoting? There’s no need to promote ITCC. We haven’t forgotten about you!”

“Where will you set up next time?”

“How can I work for Fordham IT?” (The six students who asked were referred to Judy Rothschild and our job opportunity web page.)

“I know you guys. x3999, right?”

They were quite pleased with this question from a faculty member: “You guys have done so much for me! Is there anything that you guys can’t do?”

As you can see, Omar and Joe have been received very well. It’s no wonder, since they both have great personalities. Of course, they’re also giving away great tchotchkes (pronounced choch-kas). What kind of tchotchkes, you ask? You’ll have to visit them to find out!

William Shuriff is the Director of Customer Care and Call Center Operations


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