Is your Fordham Gmail account blocked?


If Google detects any suspicious activity occurring in your Fordham Gmail account, it will be temporarily disabled to prevent any information from being compromised. Your access to the account and all associated G Suite tools, including Google Drive, will be blocked until your account is reset. If you’ve shared Google Drive files with others, they will not have access to them. 

Should you discover that your account is disabled, call IT Customer Care (ITCC) at 718-817-3999 to reset your account.

What to expect when you call ITCC Make sure you have approximately 30 minutes to work with a technician. He or she will remotely walk you through resetting your Fordham password. (Your new password will not be shared with the technician.) Then you will review your account activity with the technician to ensure your account was not compromised.

Contact IT Customer Care if you have questions.

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