Integrated Website Coming Soon to Fordham


Integrated Website Will Improve Fordham’s Online Experience

Imagine going to and easily getting the content you need because it’s been personalized just for you. Later this year, that idea will start to become a reality when Fordham University rolls out a new Digital Experience Platform, called DXP for short. When completed, the DXP will bring content, intranet content, mobile app content, and My.Fordham portal content together into one seamless online experience. 

One Platform, Personalized Content

Fordham’s old systems have served everyone well, but because several platforms and vendors support these systems, they don’t always work together effectively. Moreover, the University cannot easily provide personalized web content to members of its community and guests. 

The DXP’s content management component will integrate our multiple online systems and the website. Once the new platform is fully launched, you’ll login to and see relevant content, based on your role at the University (student, staff, faculty, etc.), your location (domestic student, international visitor, etc.) and previous activity on the site. You’ll also get personalized notifications for things like pay stubs, posted grades, immunization reminders, course updates from Blackboard, class cancellations, and more. 

A more intuitive search engine functionality will enable members of the Fordham community to quickly find what they need on the site. Prospective students and parents will easily find information about programs based on area of study, degree, and campus location.

New Functionality for Web Editors

University Marketing and Fordham IT have been working together on the project since last year, with TerminalFour, which will provide the DXP. It includes a new content management system that will replace Jadu, our current one.’s existing look will be retained, but the new platform will bring additional design elements to the site, in addition to the new functionality to enhance the user experience. Departmental web editors will enjoy a new, streamlined way to edit their individual pages and new templates that offer greater flexibility for organizing their page content. 

Rollout will take place in stages. Replacement pages for My.Fordham will go live first. Then, over the next several months, University Marketing will work with individual departments and divisions to migrate existing web content and train web editors on the new platform. 

Increased Engagement and Satisfaction

This leading-edge initiative will set Fordham apart from many other universities, and we’re excited about the many benefits it will bring from easier access to more direct and relevant content to updated internal search features to a more personalized online experience. The DXP project is a key component of Fordham IT’s strategic goal to increase community engagement and we hope it will contribute to overall student success and both student and employee satisfaction.



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