Improved Multimedia Streaming in Fordham’s Virtual Environment


When students and faculty return to the classroom for the spring 2017 semester, they’ll find some significant improvements to video and audio streaming in the virtual environment accessed via classroom podiums, labs, and in the libraries.

Over the winter break, Fordham IT staff upgraded the graphics, and video and audio streaming in the virtual environment accessed via thin clients. The streaming quality should be equal to traditional desktops.

Multimedia icon to access streaming mediaStudents and faculty will notice a considerable increase in the quality of video streamed from sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other providers. Audio from Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, and similar music sites will sound much better than before. To access these video and audio sites, and other special applications, look for the icon pictured on the left.

These improvements were made thanks to the helpful feedback and suggestions we received from faculty and students who use multimedia on campus.

If you need help using the new application, or have more suggestions for improving the virtual environment, please contact IT Customer Care via the Tech Help tab at or by calling 718-817-3999.


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