Have You Tried WebEx for Collaborative Online Meetings?

WebEx meeting in progress

This screenshot shows an active meeting on WebEx. On the upper right is an image of a meeting participant and below it, a chat box. The rest of the image shows an example of a screen share, where participants are collaborating on a PowerPoint.

Last summer at Fordham saw the launch of WebEx, the collaborative online meeting tool. Since then, hundreds of Fordham faculty, staff, students, and their guests have used this powerful application for video meetings, snow day classes, and real-time sharing of computer content over the web. Over the last three months alone, the Fordham community has hosted over 800 meetings on WebEx, logging more than 1300 hours.

One satisfied user of WebEx is Dr. Stephen D’Agustino, Director of Online Learning at Fordham University. He uses WebEx for meetings with far-flung colleagues and students, and in his online courses for class discussion.

Dr. D’Agustino points out that traveling to any of Fordham’s three campuses for a meeting results in lost time–essentially, a one-hour meeting can mean a three-hour time commitment. Teleconferencing is a good solution, but it lacks the immediacy of face-to-face interactions, integral to creating and sustaining collaborative and productive relationships.

In Dr. D’Agustino’s virtual classroom, WebEx’s video function helps his students feel more connected to each other during discussions. It’s a valuable tool for Dr. D’Augustino’s virtual office hours, and he relies on the screen share feature to provide feedback on student writing and projects. He also uses WebEx to record mini-lectures in a flipped classroom model.

To use WebEx, all you need is a device with a camera and a screen. If you don’t have a camera, you can just use the audio (you’ll need a headset if your computer does not have a microphone). And new for this year, WebEx will be made available in classrooms and meeting spaces with video conferencing capabilities. Stay tuned for more details!

Access your WebEx account today!

Faculty and staff: Go to Fordham.webex.com.
Students: Go to Fordham-student.webex.com
Click the login button on the upper right of the page and use your AccessIT ID and password to sign in.

For help getting started, visit Fordham.edu/webex for additional Fordham WebEx documentation.

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