Fordham’s Amazon Lockers

Amazon Lockers at the Ram Van Offices

The Aquino locker is located outside of Finlay Hall at Rose Hill (Image courtesy of The Fordham Ram).

Did you know that Fordham has been home to four Amazon locker sites since 2018? They offer convenient alternatives to the limited hours and waitlines of the post office for receiving Amazon shipments. Students can pick up their Amazon orders at any time of day at one of these large black structures, which are scattered around campus. 

You’ll find Fordham’s Amazon lockers on both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. Rose Hill is home to “Rose,” near Loschert Hall, “Aquino,” near Finlay Hall, and “Cova,” near the Ram Van center. At Lincoln Center, “Ram” is in the tunnel between the Leon Lowenstein Building and McKeon Hall.

Anyone with campus access (including faculty and administrators, as well as students) can use any of the lockers. To ship to an Amazon Locker, log in to your Amazon account and select find Amazon Lockers near you. Choose the locker most convenient for you and the locker will be added to your list of addresses. Next time you check out, select the locker as the shipping address. (Note: you must manually add an Amazon Locker to your Amazon address book before you can select to ship to it during check out.)

When your package arrives, you will receive a notification email with a barcode and 6-digit code. At the locker, enter the code or scan the barcode and retrieve your package. Remember to pick up your package within three days, or the package will be returned. 

Amazon lockers can sometimes fill up during the semester, so don’t wait until the last minute!

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