Fordham IT Goes International at the CIO Executive Council Madrid



Madrid CIO Conference

Dr. Frank Sirianni, VP/CIO, is third from right.

CIO panel and Frank Sirianni

Dr. Frank Sirianni, VP/CIO, stands next to a modern period sculpture during a video interview about his role as CIO.

In the worlds of both higher education and business, information technology continues to grow at an exciting pace. One of the industry’s captains is Fordham University’s own Dr. Frank Sirianni, VP/CIO. He has spent his long career as a CIO developing the profession and raising the profile of the information technology sector.

Recently, Dr. Sirianni helped plan and attended the 2017 CIO Executive Council general assembly, which took place in Madrid, Spain. At the meeting, CIOs from around the world discussed their evolving roles and how ongoing change in the digital landscape is reshaping IT’s role in public and private sectors. Spanish CIOs were particularly eager to share stories about their evolving roles and discussing the future with their counterparts from the US and other countries.

The meeting took place in a spectacular “manor museum,” surrounded by gardens and art work by Renoir, Dali, Picasso, Miro and others.

About the CIO Executive Council
The CIO Executive Council believes in a members-first approach. The Council provides strategic leadership development for transforming C-suite at the world’s most influential and evolving organizations.


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