Five Ways Google Docs Can Change Your Life


Writing assignments and syllabi have come a long way since this classroom was used

Google Docs is a powerful writing tool for the classroom or the workplace. These five tips will show you how.

1) Access Your Google Docs Anywhere

With Google Docs, you never have to worry about leaving your laptop or flash drive at home again. Open documents on any device with an Internet connection.

2) Collaborate

Collaborating on a Word doc with multiple collaborators can be unwieldy. With Google Docs, you’ll always have the most recent version. You and your collaborators can work on the doc at the same or different times, even if you’re in New York and others are in London. Docs shows updates occurring in real time. Need to view the revision history? Click on “File” and then “See revision history”.

3) Edit Docs on the Phone

Download the Google Doc editor app to edit and see live changes being made by your coworkers and classmates. Turn your next bus ride into a work session, or catch up on work when class is over.

4) Course Syllabus Always Current and Never Lost!

Still using a paper-based syllabus? If it ever needs changing, a new one must be printed and distributed. Students can easily misplace their copy, too.

Google Docs solves all these problems. Professors can create a read-only copy of the syllabus in Docs and share it with their students on Google Drive. Any changes made to the syllabus appear instantly. And those excuses about “lost” handouts won’t work anymore, either!

5) Edit, Suggest Edits, and Make Interactive Comments

Google Docs also comes with a basic text editor. Edit your doc directly, or add the edits as suggestions. Click on the pen icon in the upper right corner and choose an editing mode. When your edits are made as suggestions, your collaborators can choose to accept or reject them. Google Docs also permits comments (go to “Insert” and choose “Comment”). Collaborators can respond to comments, as well.

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