February 2018 Technology Update


February tech update image


Google Team Drive Brand new at Fordham, Team Drive allows your department and other groups to manage files and folders easily and efficiently. In Team Drive, files and folders belong to the team instead of the individual who created them. Files and folders will not be lost when an individual leaves their work team.

Have you discovered WebEx? For your next video conference, meet where you want and how you want. WebEx brings you together with your colleagues and students. Quick start guides, videos, and hands-on interactive training are available to get you started with a better way to hold meetings online.

NYC Digital Humanities Week (Feb. 5-9)  A whole week of digital humanities workshops, discussions, and other DH events around the city. The week kicks off at Fordham’s Lincoln Center on February 5 with a day of talks, networking, and discovery. The NYCDH website contains information for how to volunteer to lead a workshop during the week, attend the kickoff event, and take part in one or more of the week’s events.



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