Electronic ID: Answers to Your Questions


Your Electronic ID

Here’s what you need to know.

smiley faceIs the eID as good as the physical ID?

Absolutely! For many it is even better. It gives you access to all campuses, your residence hall, parking, and your office.

Need help using your eID?

IT Customer Care can answer your questions. Find their contact information at the end of this email.

What are the differences between eID Campus Access and the eID-Photo Card?

eID screenshot of mobile app, door access, and photo id card

Tap the eID Campus Access tile and an image of the Fordham Ram will appear if your door access is active. If it’s not active, you may be asked to add a mobile ID or enter an activation code.

Tap the eID-Photo Card tile for a visual representation of your Fordham University photo ID. Use it at the library and external locations that require a University ID for discounts or special privileges.

When your eID is active, you’ll be cleared to enter campus locations where you’ve been granted access:

  • Main campus entrances
  • Your residence hall
  • Your office
  • Classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, and labs with card readers
  • Fordham parking garage
  • Fordham Libraries
  • Printing services
  • Food services
  • Fitness Center check-in

What does it mean when the card reader flashes red after I swipe my eID?HID Card Reader

  • You did not complete your VitalCheck daily check-in or you completed it less than 30 minutes ago
  • You may have removed your phone from the card reader too quickly. Leave it there for at least two full seconds.
  • If you replaced your phone, you need to reactivate your eID
  • If you reinstalled Fordham Mobile Go, you need to reactivate your eID.
  • To reactivate, click the eID Campus Access tile and follow the prompts. Instructions for installing the eID.



Why is the parking lot card reader flashing red?HID Card Scanner for a parking lot



How can I ensure the card reader flashes green when I swipe my eID?Mobile phone and card reader

  • Open the Fordham mobile app, tap the eID Campus Access tile, and hold the back of the phone up to the card reader. The phone in the picture on the right is an Android. A different screen appears on iPhones.
  • Complete the VitalCheck daily check-in at least 30 minutes or more before entering campus
  • Activate Bluetooth or NFC on your device
  • Activate location services on your Android device



Remember VitalCheckVitalCheck confirmation screen with QR code

  • Remember to answer the VitalCheck questionnaire at least 30 minutes before you plan to enter campus.
  • Your eID will not work unless until you’ve confirmed your status with VitalCheck and you have the VitalCheck work pass. This needs to be done every day.

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