Ed Tech Chapter by Fordham Staff Published


Visions of Psychology book coverOlivia Bradley-Willemann, IT liaison to the Psychology Department, and Kristen Treglia, Senior Instructional Technologist (ITAC), cowrote the chapter “Educational Technology for International Psychology,” which was recently published in the book Visions and Resources for International Psychology, eds. Harold Takooshian, Uwe P. Gielen, Florence L. Denmark, Ann M. O’Roark (Global Scholarly Publications, 2018).

The chapter discusses how emerging technologies benefit teaching, research, and other educational activities. It offers a brief, six-part primer for novices on platforms, tools, digital pedagogy, resources, productivity, and useful webpages.

Olivia Bradley-Willemann, MS, serves as Academic Technology and Information Administrator for the Psychology Department at Fordham University. Her roles include advocating for the technology needs of psychology faculty and students, and supervising and enhancing the digital literacy of the department. Contact her at obradleywillemann@fordham.edu

Kristen Treglia, BA, is a Senior Instructional Technologist at Fordham University and author of The EdTech Bible. She develops a wide range of technology resources for faculty, teaching them best practices in using technology-based teaching methods. Contact her at treglia@fordham.edu. See her website: KristenTreglia.com

Harold Takooshian, PhD, is Professor of Psychology and Urban Studies at Fordham University.

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